Galicia, Spain

Vigo Citadel, Galicia, Spain

The hill above the city, known as O Castro, was occupied in the 3rd Century BC and some remains of the early dwellings can still be found here.

During the mid-17th Century the English frequently attacked the coast here as they were allied to Portugal during the Portuguese War of Restoration (1640-1668) and Vigo was then, and still is today, on Spanish soil.

Vigo was very heavily fortified and some scant remains of the Castle of San Sebastián can be found lower down the hill. These were once attached to the fortifications at the top of the hill by a wall of which nothing now remains.

Of the two enclosures on top of the hill the inner one is now mostly ruined and forms the basis for the botanical gardens which are one of the most notable features of Vigo Citadel. The outer enclosure is still largely intact and it is this that forms the focus for the fortifications of the Citadel, including the large gateway through which you enter.

There would appear to have never been a shot fired from the Citadel and over the years it has merely been allowed to fall into disrepair. Today the botanical gardens with their statues and monuments are the focus of O Castro, as well as the commanding views over Vigo.

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