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Since September 1991 Andrew and Roy have been travelling around England visiting EVERY SINGLE CASTLE in the country (more than 1700) for a project on England's Castles.  The visiting finally came to an end in October 1998 after just over 7 years on the road.

Roy and Andrew on Ilkley Moor

Part of the project has been to photograph every Castle (mostly taken by Andrew).

Below is a clickable map of England, divided into 10 regions (NOTE some browsers don't like imagemaps, so you can also click the castle name below the map).  Each of these will take you onto a further map of that region and then to a county map with Castles marked.  Each of these Castles then has a short entry with a photograph.  This is by no means the full number of Castles, but merely some of the highlights to give a taste of the sheer variety of Castles in England's green and pleasant land...enjoy.

Andrew and Roy have also visited a number of Castles in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. To see them click on the map or go to the Flags further down the page and click there.

Andrew, Jacqui, Roy, Shaun and Alison have also visited a number of Castles in the rest of Europe.  To visit them click HERE or click the European Union Flag below.

If you have any questions, do please Email us Email Us and we will help if we can.

Clickable Map of England

The Ten Regions are also linked below:-

North West
North East
West Midlands
East Midlands
East Anglia
London & Home Counties
South East
South West
Channel Islands
Isle of Man

The Rest of the British Isles

Click on the Flag to go to Scotland, Wales or Ireland
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